Tour the Alps

Rigi mountainWhether it’s in winter or summer, the Alps are spectacular.
Tours can use trains, bicycles and walking tours of the mountainous regions of the Swiss Alps. There are day trips to beautiful waterfalls locations, including the tallest waterfall in Switzerland near Zurich. There’s a day tour of the Bernese Oberland involving a train ride, lovely views, a gondola ride and a train ride back to Berne.

Another famous place to see in the Alps is the Matterhorn. Adventurers may wish to schedule a climb of the famous mountain. The highest Swiss peak in the Alps is called the Dufourspitze at more than 15,000 feet, offering everything from stunning valleys, beautiful waterfalls and even glaciers. It’s from this and other nearby waters that the Rhine River and other famous European rivers begin to flow.

Several large lakes dot the area and offer lovely views of the area, including Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Lake Neuchatel and Lake Constance. Each gives visitors a glimpse of lovely aquamarine water

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